2013 Official Film Selections

Learn more about the 2013 Official Film Selections for the Eugene International Film Festival. Click the selection photos for more information on each film.

16 Acres

You will witness, from the safety of your theater seat, battles of the titans of self interest involved in the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. At a cost of over $20 billion and counting, ten years of skirmishes, nineteen government agencies, bottomless hubris, and a buffet of ideology you will have much to talk about with others at your next cocktail party after watching “16 Acres.”


Homeless activist Mark Horvath travels across the US to bring the stories of America’s homeless to thousands of his followers on social media. He is an insider, having experienced the highs and lows of the American Dream himself. It can happen to you, are you prepared? This documentary will give you something to think about.

A Quest for Peace: Nonviolence Among Religions

Multiple award winning student filmmaker Matthew Evans presents a documentary short on embracing the change we wish to see. Inspired by M.K. Gandhi, Matthew presents inspiring commentary on the subject of nonviolence among religions by leading thinkers, including Arun Gandhi, grandson of M.K. Gandhi.

Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland

Portland has led the nation in becoming the first major bicycle friendly city in the United States. It was not easy, with riots, an illegal police spy, and political roadblocks along the way. The world now looks to Portland, OR as an example of how bicycle culture can blossom and contribute to everyone’s quality of life.

Antarctica: A Year on Ice

A stunning presentation of life in Antarctica over one year, mostly at McMurdo Station. You can’t help but vicariously experience the ferocious cold outside and the abundant camaraderie inside the laboratories and living quarters. There will be some in the audience that can’t wait to apply for work there after watching this vivid presentation on the adventure that beckons.

Breaking Ice

Great locations and cultural values are at the forefront of an 8-year child’s journey to visit distant family members in Inner Mongolia, China. Born in Taiwan, she has never seen snow or experienced minus 40 degrees. When it comes time to leave, her family is torn between staying or going home.

Cardboard Titanics: Smart People Being Stupid

This film is a “how-to” on organizing a great summer party. Don’t miss it. You will learn the art of building and rowing boats made solely of cardboard and duct tape. Take note, there are rules and you must have a gift for sportsmanship and laughter.

Cement Suitcase

The Yakima Valley is a wonderful setting for this well cast love story with a twist. Franklin, the best wine salesman in the region knows his girlfriend is cheating on him. As happenstance would have it, he is invited to dinner by the “other guy.” “She” is at the dinner table as well. Bon appétit!

Chee-Wi Learns to Growl

Ten-year-old filmmaker Emma Eisner confronts schoolyard bullying in her highly regarded festival circuit animated short. Big dog Edgar meets his match when little dog Chee-Wi learns to growl assertively. The film is shot in stop motion using cutouts and hand painted backdrops created by the filmmaker.

Cloistered Honey

Helen, Abe’s wife has disappeared. He finds her in a deserted monastery where they debate religion, faith and science. Helen tends a bee hive with Abe in pursuit, despite his allergy to bee stings. Throughout their day deeper truths emerge. Captivating dialogue delivered by skilled thespians.

Cloud Girl

In a small town every child is born with their personal cloud. Amy’s cloud has become dark and threatening until she meets an optimistic boy. This is a story of childhood growth and the importance of friendship.

Coffee, Kill Boss


A group of executives meet in secret, surrounded by castle intrigue, to sell their company. One by one they are murdered. Those left alive must work together to complete the sale at great profit to themselves while avoiding the fate of the others.

Cold Heart, The

An artistic animated short adapted from the famous German Gothic fairytale “The Cold Heart” by Wihelm Hauff. The story unfolds as a young man trades his warm heart for a cold stone to become rich. Rights of passage continue as he encounters good and evil in his travels through the Black Forest.


It takes courage to break up with your personal trainer. Kaela is not happy with Pete. How difficult can it be? It becomes an extreme workout for both Kaela and Pete.

CowJews and Indians: How Hitler Scared my Family – and I Woke Up in a Iroquois Longhouse with a Picture of Jesus, Reminding Me – for the Wrong Reason – That I Owe the Mohawks Rent

An off the wall documentary of Marc Halberstadt’s journey, with Iroquois tribal members, to collect sixty-five years of back rent owed him from the German Government for the home the Nazis took from his family. He assigns his claim to the Mohawks to pay the rent he owes them for living on their property, taken from them by his American ancestors. Opening night film of the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, April 2013.

Dancing Outside the Box

Wheelchair users and their able-bodied partners share the joy of dancing in this documentary created by legally blind Producer/Director David Block. His documentaries are widely acclaimed and he has had over 500 articles published, including leading publications such as the New York Times, the London Times and Runner’s World.

Don’t Shout Too Loud

“Don’t Shout Too Loud” offers a harsh and unsettling theory that special interest groups are manipulating public policy in order to promote their agendas by inflating the scope of human trafficking. Filmed against the backdrop of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where it was hypothecated that 40,000 women and children would be trafficked in as sex workers.

Double Occupancy

Two old men find themselves sharing a hospital room with only one window. One can see out the window, the other cannot. A psychological story unfolds around the power of imagination, illusion and coveting the treasure of another.

Everything Went Down

A professor meets a singer-songwriter, both have been diverted from their meaning in life. Set in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, this is a contemporary musical inspired by the power of music therapy. Her music brings meaning to his life. His appreciation of her music reawakens her interest in performing.

Finding Hillywood


The beginning of Rwanda’s film industry is chronicled as many in the country learn to make films and present them to even more people who have never seen one. Neither rain nor muck will keep audiences away. A story of the power of motion picture art to heal a nation and its people – remarkable for its insight into human nature and forgiveness.

He’s a Dog in My House

After a lover’s quarrel with her live-in boyfriend, Yuan serves him “beef bourguignon avec dog food,” and keeps making it for him – until one day he disappears. In his place a dog appears.


BEST NARRATIVE SHORT A mysterious young woman with no recollection of her identity or past finds herself in the remote home of an elderly and reclusive man. Their meeting sends both on a journey of self discovery. She discovers that she's no ordinary girl. Producer:...

I am Not a Rock Star

Montreal based Marika Bournaki is chronicled as she achieves her dream of being a world class concert pianist. The story starts when she is 12, flying weekly to New York City to study at Juilliard. Over the eight years covered by this documentary she has to perform...

In Everyone’s Eyes

A poetic and slyly subversive musical short film shot in Cuba, where it's dangerous to speak openly against la Revolucion. Producer: Lloyd Frost Director: Lloyd Frost Lead Actors: Lloyd Frost Supporting Actors: Writer: Lloyd Frost Cinematographer: Animator: Voice...


Based on the Book of Judith from the Bible. Assyrian General Holofernes is commanded to destroy the city of Bethulia as he has the other cities of Israel. Judith goes to the camp of the Assyrian army alone to kill Holofernes. Producer: Takahisa Shiraishi, Gisella...

Light Me Up

Meet the Wattsons over dinner where the conversation centers on their son's dream of becoming a spotlight at a local theater. Live-action and animation are used to tell this illuminating story. Producer: Derek Dolechek, Ryan Walton Director: Derek Dolechek, Ryan...

Local Commercial

From the moment he steps onto the sound stage, veteran director Vin John finds himself in his worst job security nightmare. Producer: Liam O'Brien, Marty Lang, Charles Miller (Ex.) Director: Richard Dobbs Lead Actors: John Ratzenberger, Mark Graham Supporting Actors:...


Amanda, isolated and unfulfilled, is the sole provider for and caretaker of her joyful and loving sister, Rose - who has a developmental disability. Amanda begins to buckle under the strain. Producer: Gabe Van Lelyveld Director: Gabe Van Lelyveld Lead Actors: Amanda...

My Cat is Evil

In My Cat is Evil, Elmer the cat gets his housemate to pay attention to him using all the tricks of the feline trade. Producer: Cynthia Hogan Director: Cynthia Hogan Lead Actors: Supporting Actors: Writer: Cynthia Hogan Cinematographer: Animator: Voice Over: Origin:...

The Ninety Nines

Emilia Earhart didn't die. She disappeared to join a secret elite team of women known as the Ninety Nines. The superhero group is equipped with Tesla technology to stop Hitler from using his evil science to conquer the world. Producer: Howard Cook (Ex.), Paul Conneer...

Once Upon a Mountain

BEST SOCIAL BENEFIT DOCUMENTARY Once Upon a Mountain is a documentary on the acclaimed Jasper Mountain Residential Treatment Program located in Jasper, OR. With a 30 year history it is now regarded as the most effective treatment center for abused children in the...

One Bedroom

Moses and Wendy, former step-siblings, are thrown back into living under the same roof after sixteen years of bitter separation. The circumstances are further complicated by Wendy's brilliant six-year-old daughter, Elsa. Producer: Director: Lead Actors: Supporting...

Paper Bag Boy

Kids often face difficulties growing up. With good friends at their side, those obstacles can be resolved. A boy in this animated short who wears a paper bag over his head meets a girl who wears a tiger mask. Their friendship becomes a valuable right of passage....

Real Change

In Seattle, Washington, REEL CHANGE exists to provide opportunity and a voice for low-income and homeless people while taking action for economic justice. An articulate presentation by everyone involved. Producer: Alex Becker Director: Adam Becker Lead Actors: Buddy...

The Riviera

BEST ART SHORT BY A PACIFIC NORTHWEST FILMMAKER The ZAPP Dance Company performs in a laundromat late at night. Producer: Shawn Hoban, Ari Zreliak-Hoban (Ex.), Cindy Zreliak (Ex.) Director: Shawn Hoban Lead Actors: Justine Bojarsky Supporting Actors: Writer:...

Rose, Mary and Time

BEST INTERNATIONAL NARRATIVE SHORT Barney is married - unhappily. He lost the love of his life when she was murdered six years ago. He takes an old inherited clock to an Indian shop keeper in London where its magic is released. But nothing about its magic is easy....

Schumann at Pier 2

The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen Orchestra presents an unconventional approach to Robert Schumann's symphonies. Performances are presented to small audiences by Estonian-American conductor Paavo Järvi. It is a revealing experience to witness how the orchestra...

Selling Superman

In 1980 Comic Book collector Darrell Grimes paid $6,000 for Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman. It is now valued at well over one-million dollars, if only he can find a buyer. Producer: Willy Wilson (Ex.) Director: Willy Wilson Lead Actors: Supporting...

Solid Blue

A fallen officer incident in Seattle leads to a tradition of "Solid Blue: Pipes, Drums, and Pride." This police band presents a statement of camaraderie, humanity and honor that exists within the ranks of the Seattle Police Department. Producer: Stefan Hajek, Jesus R....

Sunday Sundaes

BEST YOUTH THEME SHORT Marshall, 8, applies his imagination in his quest to learn who invented dessert while dealing with his parents' divorce. Producer: Molly McKellar Director: Shayna Cohen Lead Actors: Alex, Guder, Ingrid Gillming, Steven Bono Supporting Actors:...

Tell It On the Mountain – Tales from The Pacific Crest Trail

BEST PERSONAL ADVENTURE DOCUMENTARY An amazing 2,663 mile stroll through deserts and forests from the Mexican border to Canada is captivating. Anything can and does happen to a diverse handful of hikers featured in this epic hike. That having been said, you may well...

There Is No God and We All Die Alone

Following the death of his father, Henry Fleetwood embarks on a whimsical journey to find the meaning of life - and death. Producer: Diondra Meravi Director: Harrison Givens Lead Actors: Ali Hill, Chris Voss Supporting Actors: Markus Silbiger Writer: Harrison Givens,...

This Dewdrop World

Jeff Goodsell of Rolling Stone calls this film "...a beautiful, intimate, courageous film about love and loss.  It is also the deepest meditation on climate change that I have ever seen."  Two emotionally entwined stories, that of a dying mother and the other of an...

The Toothfairy

Eight-year-old Luke believes in the Toothfairy, and he's not about to be led astray by nonbelievers.

Tsunami Flotsam

The culture of beachcombing in the Pacific Northwest is filled with excitement as debris from the 2011 tsunami from Japan begins to wash ashore. Producer: Melissa Willenborg Director: Melissa Willenborg Lead Actors: Curtis Ebbesmeyer Supporting Actors: Writer:...

Turning Point

BEST ART SHORT Using the vantage point of the afterlife, pivotal moments in individual lives can be seen when decisions were made that led to the outcome. The action in "Turning Point" is taken directly from true life experiences. Producer: Andrew Brinkhaus, Benjamin...


An avant-garde dance short. Producer: Sepehr Samimi, Christian Lai Director: Sepehr Samimi Lead Actors: Mahaila Patterson O'Brien Supporting Actors: Writer: Cinematographer: Christia Lai Animator: Voice Over: Origin: West Vancouver, BC Screening With: Length: 5...


BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT SHORT After years of feeling limited by his disability, Ed explores what adventure means to him and his wife Patricia when he has the chance to experience kayaking and cross-country skiing. Producer: Director: Jonathan Marrs (Co.), Joshua...

Useful. Valid. True.

Alone in a small room, a man is confronted with questions that have no answers, in a world where there are no lies - only lack of understanding. Producer: David Golden, Elena Haas, Tony Doupe' Director: David Golden Lead Actors: Steve Treacy Supporting Actors: David...

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