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2015 Official Film Selections

Learn more about the 2015 Official Film Selections for the Eugene International Film Festival. Click the selection photos for more information on each film.

2000 Year Old Computer, The

The extraordinary story of how 2000 years ago, the ancient Greeks built a computer. A scientific detective investigation, set against the glories of classical Greece, follows a mysterious trail of numbers as a scientific team solves the puzzle of the spectacular Antikythera Mechanism.

2E: Twice Exceptional


The gifted and different Twice Exceptional are geniuses, mavericks, and dreamers with learning disabilities are challenged to survive the American school system and their own eccentricities.

American Ghandi, The


A drama based on real incidents tackling the issues of global mining practices head-on, with a message of hope and inspiration.

Children of the Arctic

A cultural adventure that few will experience is exposed in this year-in-the-life of American teenagers born and living in Barrow, Alaska. Their lives will be set adrift by the changing climate and their endangered whaling culture as they move into adulthood.

Counter Clockwise


There’s a time and place for everything, except when innocence and guilt defy the laws of physics to occupy the same space at the same time.

Creatively Maladjusted

Ten minutes of your time with David Oaks and his wife Debra Nunez is ten minutes of tough realities overcome by David’s values and his unstoppable sense of humor.


Produced by Sue Arbuthnot & Richard Wilhelm.

Evolution of a Mural

The EIFF will launch the “Mural Masters” project with the screening of this documentary, which received the award for Best Art Short from the festival in 2014. Lots of walls and lots of paint have been donated by members of Lane Leaders Association to move this initiative forward.

Dignity Project, The

An on-screen meet and greet and tour of homes of the homeless is presented in this grass-roots documentary. A Q&A with filmmaker Paula Goodbar and Lucy Vinis of ShelterCare will follow the screening.

Far Afield: A Conservation Love Story

Bert Raynes is a man everyone should have the joy of knowing. With keen intellect, sharp wit and a twinkle in his eye for his wife Meg as well as for stewardship of the natural world, this 91-year-old inspires a nationwide community of wildlife lovers and the people of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Island of 1000 Violins, The

The Taiwanese love affair with Western classical music is remarkable. Burried in the heart of a vast factory there’s a startling collection of legedary violins, over 1300 of them.



The Locust Generation wants it all, consuming everything life has to offer. This is a drama you can’t stop watching as an innocent summer affair of naive passion comes to an end as a series of bloody assassinations.

Memory of a Kiss

A mother attends her 50th high school reunion and reflects on her young love for her husband, now demented and unable to attend the event with her. Their son watches after his dad in her absence. Later in the evening the three are reunited as the son contimplates his future.

Mr. K’s New House

Mr. K leaves the city to build a home away from the hustle and bustle. He becomes friends with the many animals in the hills where he locates him home. Soon, many of them are living with him, contributing to an inner peace he had never before experienced.

Power’s War


Power’s War was the opening salvo of the conflict between individual rights and the federal governmant’s growing power. As decisive as this deadly shootout was, the conflict continues today.

Punishing Business, The

Addie, developmentally disabled and the daughter of Ellen’s landlord, would tell of her recent trauma if she could. Ellen is an ex-convict. An unlikely friendship develops between Addie and Ellen when Ellen realizes Addie’s aggressive actions are the only way for her to communicate.

Red Earth Calling


A young man lost in the desert is captivated by the spirit of the land in this graphically choreographed story set among majestic rock formations.

Rice Ball’s Little Mallets

Rice Ball is sent into the woods to gather the best wood for an old carpenter to make toys. To protect Rice Ball aganist strange and dangerous monsters, the carpenter gives him three mallets with special powers.

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball


After winning two world baseball championships, pitcher Ron Taylor embarked on a USO tour through Vietnam that changed his life.

She’s the Best Thing In It

Veteran character actor and Tony Award winner, Mary Louise Wilson, teaches her first acting class to skeptical members of the YouTube generation, smashing their red carpet illusions as they are challenged to bring emotional honesty into their acting and make the sacrafices demanded for a lifelong acting career.

Sonnet 134

A creative take on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 134 through the eyes of a conflicted mother who must repay a debt to her childless sister. Sonnet 134 was created for the Sonnet Project in which filmmakers visualize all 154 sonnets using 154 different actors in 154 unique NYC locations.

Split End

A young single woman bored with her social life caters a party for an attractive couple, meeting the husband who is also looking for something different. Created by the Asian American Film Lab 72 Hour Shootout.

Way We Talk, The

The filmmaker confronts stuttering through personal experience and support groups. Much of this baffling disability, like an iceberg, is not obvious and brings with it anxiety, depression and self esteem.



The extraordinary commitment needed to bring the internet to a tiny school in the Peruvian Andees is an amazing heartfelt story.

West of Redemption


Billy Zane stars in this remote farmhouse psychodrama. A husband, his wife and a stranger sort it all out as the truth of their histories is revealed to each.

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