2016 Official Film Selections

Learn more about the 2016 Official Film Selections for the Eugene International Film Festival. Click the selection photos for more information on each film.

A Bold Peace

Costa Rica has no military. Free of the burden of military spending, the country has invested in education and universal health care.

An Acquired Taste

Reversing a lifetime of cellophane-wrapped meals, three urbane teens ditch their smart phones and go hunting for their next meal. They bag, dress and dine on their quarry over the course of a day under the guidance of a thoughtful hunter.

Animal House of Blues 33 1/3

A look behind the making of “Animal House” in Eugene and Cottage Grove and the creative environment found in these communities that led to the birth of The Blues Brothers.

The Backroom

Known only to a handful of tavern regulars, what happens in the back room stays in the back room. Screening with “CENTAUR.”


Anni is a bright and charming nine-year old little girl. Alidel is her six-year-old little brother. They eagerly walk to school every day because they learn many things there and play with their friends.


Released from psychiatric care, a schizophrenic woman dons hiking boots and walks into a journey of self renewal accompanied by visions and voices.


This precedent setting documentary exposes the brutal wild horse round-ups and controversial environmental management by the Bureau of Land Management.

First Footprints

First Footprints tells how the Aboriginal people became the oldest living culture in the world.

Chocolate: Pathway to the Gods

This is a documentary that pulls audiences into the world of gods, wealth and questions about its origins and our 3,000 year old obsession with chocolate.

Fox Spirit

While walking in the forest, a young woman hears a mysterious call; as she investigates, she becomes one with the fox spirit of the forest.

Happy Hour

A divorcee unsuccessfully attempts to teach her friend how to pick up younger men. Screening with “Murano The Unbearable Lightness of Glass”

In Search of the Great Song

From the Australian outback to the San Juan Archipelago, from Southern India to the Swiss Alps – the question asked of scientists, artists, indigenous elders and philosophers: “What is the Great Song for you?”

It Goes Without Saying

A short art film choreographed for the camera, cast and set dressing. Screening with “Murano The Unbearable Lightness of Glass”

Life on the Rooftop

Taipei is a densely populated city. Sandwiched between skyscrapers and luxurious apartments are huts built with corrugated sheet metal atop the rooftops of older buildings.

Murano The Unbearable Lightness of Glass

Six glass-masters present the art and inspiration that flows from Murano’s legendary glass making furnaces. Their amazing work showcases their work and personalities as they travel internationally inspiring others.

Promise, The

Fewer than 200 villagers now live in Rogljevo, Serbia, a once great wine producing region on a par with the finest French wines.


Indigo blue is the color of a river in China flowing from the “blue jeans capitol of the world.”

Smile Again, Jenny Lee

Tennis star Jenny Lee has her career ended after being injured by an unknown attacker. Her agent then absconds with her money.

WANTED: Crohn’s End

When the conventional medical system fails to relieve their suffering, empowered patients struggle to use controversial alternative treatments to end Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

We Were Nothing

A Holocaust survivor, Bernie Sayonne, tells his incredible story of survival.

…Where Is She Now?

While traveling the globe making a documentary about his former students, retired professor John Henry discovers that one of his students, Marita, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.


Population growth has been left out of the climate debate because it is considered controversial, yet it is one of the most important factors.

Youth In Oregon

Eighty-two-year-old Raymond announces to his family that he has made arrangements to be euthanized in his home state of Oregon.

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