2018 Official Film Selections

Learn more about the 2018 Official Film Selections for the Eugene International Film Festival. Click the selection photos for more information on each film.

The Book of Blood

Flynn, a grizzled traveler, is looking for a rare manuscript in this shop where he meets the nicest, most inconspicuous shopkeeper. But a secret lurks beyond the shelves and book covers. A gothic comedy set in an old bookshop. Lindford, UK Length: 3 Minutes

Buddy Joe

Hilton, a 60 year old artist and decorator, tells his son-in-law about his life with Parkinson’s. Between reality and fantasy, Hilton talks about his life together with his mate, “Buddy Joe.” Rennes, France Length: 13:25 Minutes

The Cat

All Marie wants is a good night’s sleep... her cat has other plans. Akron, OH Length: 2:57 Minutes

The Cherry Brothers

Two attached cherry brothers, one a geek, the other a swordsman, attack an ant eating creature holding a container of helpless ants. Québec City, Canada Length: 1:22 Minutes


An ecological film about a big adventure for one small turtle which is trying to find his family. Stop-motion on location. Elche, Spain Saint Petersburg, Russia Length: 1:55 Minutes

Coffee and a Bagel

Gilbert, recently widowed, decides to use a millennial tool, online dating, to find a new love. Portland, OR Length: 4:20 Minutes

Far from Home

A consequence of war, a little girl sells whatever she can find on a street in a city. Her life is as cruel as war itself. Will she be reintegrated or considered disposable as so many homeless people are? Istanbul, Turkey Length: 10 Minutes


Fluffle is a plucky little creature who collects soda bottle caps. His collection is complete except for his favorite flavor, grape. He doesn’t realize how hard it will be to complete his collection. New York City, NY Length: 2 Minutes

Hoe Street: Sharon

A French bulldog says good night to her bundle of joy with an unexpected twist. London, UK Length: 1:10 Minutes

I love my carL

Carl, the car, is lovingly cared for by his owner, Jack. Jealousy threatens their special relationship when Carl does everything he can to prevent a woman from taking the passenger seat. Leipzig, Germany Length: 6:17 Minutes


An animated story set to the reading of the national award winning poem, “Seven Billion,” written by the filmmaker. The point-of-view is that of a smart phone. Joondanna, Australia Length: 7:57 Minutes

Light Me Up

The Wattsons are a family of light bulbs. Frank and Linda run the family business of managing the bulbs in an antique shop. When they ask their son, Louie, to take over, they find out he has bigger dreams of becoming a theater spotlight. Eugene, OR Length: 8:30...


The protagonist in this film uses an avatar and the handle “Fallen God” when accessing social media and virtual worlds. In his virtual journeys, he comes across the mysterious, beautiful and enchanting “Encre.” This French-Australian film is based on true events that...


Leon, a young boy is out fishing at night when the moon goes dark. He is magically transported to the moon, where he meets Moongirl, then helping her to fix the moon. LAIKA Studios Portland, OR Length: 9 Minutes

Not the End of the World

A student is totally unprepared for the note that lands on his desk during class. It is from a girl. What is he to do? Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Length: 8 Minutes

On the Cover

Forest animals mug the camera. Iran Length: 4:20 Minutes

Ruby Rocket, Private Detective

Ruby Rocket is a hard living private detective who always gets her man. It’s been a long night and she needs a stiff drink to start her day. Then HE walks in. A neo-noir comedy. Portland, OR Length: 3:08 Minutes


A castaway connects with the world beyond his island shoreline when an engaging object washes ashore, disrupting his peaceful life. Bristol, UK Length: 3:46 Minutes


Lucien has recently lost his wife. An avid cyclist, he now rides his bike daily to relive his youthful past. One day he encounters a girl that, for a moment, fills his ephemeral lifestyle. Aaigem, Belgium Length: 9:23 Minutes

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