2007 festival

2007 Official Film Selections

View a complete list of the 2007 Official Film Selections for the Eugene International Film Festival and the winners of that year.

“20Q”   USA

“7500 Miles to Redemption”   USA

“Absolute Zero”   Australia

“AGNIESZKA 2039”   United Kingdom

“AIDS Inc.”   USA

“Airport Jordan”   USA

“American Meth”   USA

“America’s Most Wanted”   USA

“The Amphora Of Eleusis”   Greece

“Arid Lands”   USA

“The Art of Stalking”   USA

“The Art of Theatrical Ushery”   USA

“At The Wall”   USA

“Be My Oswald”   USA

“Belonging”   Jordan

“Berkeley”   USA

“Bill’s Big Pumpkins”   USA

“Bottom Feeder”   USA

“Break-up Bob”   USA

“Burnt Chocolate Water”   USA

“The Chair”   Canada

“Colma — The Musical”   USA

“Courage Doesn’t Ask”   USA

“Damaged Goods”   USA

“Dante’s Inferno”   USA

“Dinner Table”   USA

“Divergene”   USA

“The Divine”   USA

“Dream A Little Dream”   Australia

“Fightete Pilot, Operation Red Flag”   USA

“For Annie”   USA

“Forfeit”   USA

“Fork ‘N Spoon”   USA

“Frankie and Johnny are Married”   USA

“Free Spirits”   USA

“Freedom State”   USA

“From War to Peace and Beyond”   USA

“Frozen Life”   Japan

“The Garage”   USA

“Genghis Khan –Rider of the Apocalypse”   USA

“Geocache”   USA


“Gulf War Syndrome — Killing Our Own”   USA

“H for Hunger”   France

“Her Best Move”   USA

“Hollywood Dreams”   USA

“Homage to a Catalonian Christmas”   USA

“In Retrospect”   The Netherlands

“Jamesie, King of Scratch”   US Virgin Islands

“Jazz on a Winters day”   Austria

“Kayfabe”   Canada

“A Land Between Rivers”   USA

“Last Stop for Paul”   USA

“Legacy of Fire: The Story of the Tillamook Burn”   USA

“The Little Documentary That Couldn’t”   USA

“Little Frogs”   USA

“Little White Flowers”   USA

“The Longest 3 Minutes”   USA

“Masizakhe: Let Us Build Together”   South Africa

“Media Jihad”   Japan

“Muse of Fire”   USA

“My Name is Wallace”   USA

“The Old Son”   USA

“One-Eyed Marky & the Gay Caballeros”   USA

“The Other Side”   Canada

‘The Outside”   Belgium

“Paraphernalia”   USA

“Play It By Ear”   USA

“Price Of The View”   USA

“Prison Pups”   USA

Invited Films Include:

“H for Hunger ,” France, Neil Hollander, Attending the Festival

“The Divine ,” USA, Tim Hoover , Attending the Festival

“Frankie and Johnny are Married ,” USA, Michael Pressman

“In Retrospect ,” Holland, Erik Fransman, Attending the Festival

“Fighter Pilot, Operation Red Flag ,” USA, Stephen Low/Pietro Serapiglia

“America’s Most Wanted,” a reenactment segment shot in super-16

“Colma: The Musical” , directed by Richard Wong

“Youth Visions” High School Video Retrospective

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