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“Colma: The Musical” boasts 13 musical numbers featuring all original music by H.P. Mendoza. In the small suburban town of Colma, where the dead outnumber the living 1,000 to 1, three friends fresh out of high school tackle the age old question that has plagued humanity: “Now what?”

Billy is a young actor with big dreams, but there is nothing big about Colma. He is faced with a choice between the easy, being complacent and ending up in a dad end job, or the selfish, going after his dreas regardless of how it affects the people around him.

Rodel can be the life of the party – if he feels like it. But at home,with his brother in prison, he carries the pressure of being the “good” kid in his family. Coupled with the loss of his mother, Rodel finds his already waning relationship with his father strained by a secret he desperately keeps from him.

Maribel basks in her youth and embraces its carefree lifestyle. Turning 19, she begins to realize that youth, like everything else, is temporary, and starts to question whether being young is based on one’s age, attitude or actions.


Richard Wong

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119 min.