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Hundreds of millions of people go to bed hungry every night.

Thousands die of starvation every day, one every few seconds.

Millions of others survive, but live stunted lives, victims of hunger-related diseases.

The world strains to cope with the problem and fails.

In a unique and dramatic fashion, this timely film seeks to create an awareness of the problem. It is neither a documentary, nor a piece of fiction. It is a graphic, humanistic portrait delivered by a professional actor. Like an investigative reporter, the protagonist, himself a living allegory of hunger, probes into different aspects of hunger, its biology and history, and its political, legal and economic dimensions. He also addresses the diverse organizations that claim to be dealing with the problem.

This film is not a didactic tool. Rather, it is a passionate presentation of the naked face of hunger. It will leave the viewer uneasy, confronting the stark realization that each of us is responsible.

Paris based Director Neil Hollander will attend and lead a special discussion following the screening of “H for Hunger.”


Neil Hollander

Lead Actors:

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Paris, France

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90 min.