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Eric Smallhouse, a Native American man who, thanks to the words of a spirit he encounters when taking a new road home, believes it is his destiny to lead his people back to the old ways. The only problem is that Eric was raised off the reservation and doesn’t know the old ways. He’s not the kind of guy who will let that stop him. Against his wife Lindsay’s objections, he drags his 12-year-old son, Todd, on a quest to reclaim the past.

Christine Sullivan, Lillian Parker

Christine Sullivan (Co), Joel Metlen (Co)

Lead Actors:
Audrey Seymour, Joseph Heidman, Nick Erb, Robert Monger, Steve Pierre

Supporting Actors:
Bryan Connolly, Daniel Brunell, Gregory Sutterlict, John Ott, Kassidy Whitener, Kit Metlen, Leon Cordier, Michael Tretop Jr., Ron Chappel, William Pickernell

Joel Metlan



Voice Over:

New York, NY, USA

Screening With:

90 min.