A collection of films will be showcased by a well organized team of filmmakers under the mentorship of Hollywood Writer/Director Tom Blank. The Shaggy Dog Project is a program of Eugene’s Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, DIVA.

Q & A with the Shaggy Dog Filmmakers

THE BIG SPILL                             

18 min.

What happens when the world’s most ruthless oilman tries to strike a deal with aliens?

Producer: Mike Anderson

Director: Gregory Stanley Black

Cinematographer: Mark Stafford

Writers: Bob Leach, Neal Miller, Bill Braunberger, Gregory Stanley Black

Lead Actors: Al Kline, Jennifer Kimball

A Shaggy Dog/DIVA production


10 min.

Il faut travailler, rien que travailler.

Producer, Director, Writer: Doug Rice

Cinematographer: Jack Anderson

Lead Actors: Willie Wilson, Fred Roellig, Jeff Thomas

LOVE CONNECTION                                 

10 min.

Is a guy who falls in love with a girl online, but can never go through with actually meeting her in person, really in love?

Producers: Steve Kilcoyne, Michael Hearn

Writer and Director: Steve Kilcoyne

Cinematographer: Matt Nease

Lead Actor: Jeff Hunsicker


5 min.

When the shadow you fear becomes the monster you know…

 Writer, Producer, Director: Joshua Purvis

Cinematographer: Gavin Cunningham

Lead Actors: Cristina Hernandez, Payton Pillette, Jesse McCullough


14 min.

In an homage to Bergman, a henpecked husband challenges Death to a one-on-one basketball game.  (Black and white with Swedish subtitles)

 Writer, Producer and Director: Al Kline

Cinematographer: Erik Talbert

Actors: Gregory Stanley Black, Ellen Chace, Nate Gepford

Date, Time, Place: Saturday, November 9, 3-5pm, Regal at Valley River Mall


19 min.

Stanley’s life is a train wreck.  Roger’s life is boring.  When a stranger comes to the door, their lives will change forever.

Producer, Director:  Mike Anderson

Cinematographers: Les Garwood, Jack Anderson