Tricky Bidness looks at marijuana from the point of view of people who have lived with it in their community for over 40 years.

The film tells the story of how the progressive City of Arcata, California has tried to balance the rights and needs of medical marijuana patients with the preservation of neighborhoods and community.

As marijuana moves towards the mainstream after 75 years of federal prohibition…the question becomes not if it will be legalized, but how to legalize it.

With diverse points of view, humor, and surprising footage, this 70-minute documentary looks at lessons learned in one Humboldt County town and helps people understand the challenges brought on by today’s marijuana laws.

JoAnn Schuch (Co.), Lynne Canning (Co.)

JoAnn Schuch (Co.), Lynne Canning (Co.)

Lead Actors: 

Supporting Actors: 

JoAnn Schuch

JoAnn Schuch


Voice Over: 
Peter Buckley

Arcata, CA

Screening With: 
One Armed Man

70 min.