Shaul, an Israeli, and Nizar, a Palestinian, seem to have little in common, but for a shared spirit of entrepreneurship. They create a solar energy company with plans to bring renewable energy to communities in the Palestinian territories. Support for their venture is difficult to gain. From families who question them, to community members who threaten them, and government policies that make collaboration nearly impossible, Shaul and Nizar face many obstacles. Through everything, they grow to respect and trust one another. But though they continue to believe in their project, they recognize that their company cannot succeed without change. They take their story to the Internet and inspire others to work together. What began as a partnership for business becomes a partnership for peace.

John Marks (Ex.), Sharon Rosen (Assoc.), Suheir Rasul (Assoc.)

Sameh Zoabi

Lead Actors: 
Ali Suliman, Yossi Marshek

Supporting Actors: 
Dirar Suleiman, Levana Finkelstein, Lucy Aharish

Yossi Aviram

Benjamin Chiram


Voice Over: 

Washington, DC

Screening With: 
Penguins at North Pole

75 min.