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EIFF Submissions and Group Activities are in Hiatus due to COVID.


About the EIFF?
Films are submitted to this juried festival from countries around the world. International filmmakers and VIP guests attend. As an arts and education festival, the EIFF inspires informed imaginative innovation, and culturally empowered citizenship. Informed imagination and cultural enrichment does make a difference. It is a showcase for local, regional and international filmmakers to entertain and inform film loving audiences. The Eugene International Film Festival is a 501 (c) (3) arts education nonprofit having celebrated its first ten years in 2015.

The Festival is held on a weekend when there is no home Duck Football game in November. Venues include: Regal Cinemas, Broadway Metro, schools, various workshop locations and occasional Pop-Up Theater events. Year-round programs are scheduled as opportunity may present.

How does ticketing work?
Tickets are available in advance online. Online sales end 24 hours before the festival starts and become available at the venue door, up until the program starts. Click here to access the ticket page.
What are the submission deadlines?
Early Bird: August 5, 2016
Regular: August 19, 2016
Late: September 2, 2016
WAB Extended: September 9, 2016
Will the festival accept just about every genre?
Festival categories are:

  • Animation
  • Art/Experimental
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
  • Making of, Behind the Scenes
  • Narrative
  • Science Fiction
  • Young Audience (produced by or for youth, more of an entertainment category)
  • Best Youth Theme (family and youth education values)
Should I be concerned about Copyright?
You must have permission to use copyrighted material that is a part of your film, including music, cast releases, etc. In some situations locations also require releases. Seek legal advice on this topic. By entering the EIFF you agree to hold the festival harmless from copyright infringement that may be found to be part of your submission.
What formats will the festival accept?
DVDs are used exclusively for reviews. Filmmakers whose films are selected for showing will be asked to provide a standard DVD, Blu-ray or DCP file. Required file formats are venue specific and may change from time to time.
Can producers submit more than one title?
Sure, a separate entry fee is required for each submission.
What are the running times for shorts and features?
Short shorts are 10 minutes or less.

Short films are over 10 minutes and up to 40 minutes.

Features are longer than 40 minutes.

Where do films entered in the festival come from?
We receive entries from around the world with English language subtitles. Representative submission demographics include: Australia, Austria, The Bahamas, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, Central and South America, Denmark, Finland, India, Europe, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kurdistan, Mexico, Norway, Palestinian Territories, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, United Kingdom, USA, and the Virgin Islands. Native Americans and First Nations of North America also submit regularly. Filmmakers from Taiwan have submitted more films than any other foreign country. The most distant submission has come from McMurdo Station, Antarctica. In second place for distance is Melbourne. Australia.
Can I enter films made before 2014?
No, entries must have been completed after January 1, 2014.
How do I enter the festival?
Submissions are received through Withoutabox. Rolling discounts are offered through WAB, the earlier you submit, the more you save.
How can I pay the Entry Fee?
Use your credit card at Withoutabox.
What does it cost to enter?
From 25 to 75 dollars with discounts offered at Withoutabox. Rolling discounts are offered through WAB, the earlier you submit, the more you save.
Does the festival offer fee waivers?
The Eugene International Film Festival does not have a scholarship program at this time.
How is the judging managed?
Each entry is viewed by a number of reviewers. Some are industry professionals; others represent a cross-section of the community. The professionals are people who make a living through their academic, journalistic or production skills related to film or television.
I'd like to volunteer!
Make it so, apply here. Thank you!
Do you hold workshops with professionals?
Our workshops are second to none. Through ongoing or past associations with top industry professionals our board brings the best mentors, instructors and celebrities available. Because we strive to bring leading/working individuals to the EIFF, please understand that production conflicts may occur. These are people that must put their career above all else. Schedule and VIP guest changes, beyond our control, may be necessary.
Are there extracurricular screening programs?
Yes. The festival partners with others to present your films to the broadest possible audience. Examples include nonprofits with a special interest in the subject of your film, others are student groups, some further the EIFF arts and education mission of the Festival.
Why should I enter/attend the Eugene International Film Festival?
Eugene is a city you will come to know and love after one visit. Learn more about Eugene.
Festival Specific Maps
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