Photo Courtesy of The Register-Guard

Birth of the Blues Brothers

The iconic movie “Animal House” was filmed in Eugene and Cottage Grove in 1977. While filming was underway, John Belushi would jam with local musicians on stage at the bar located in the Eugene Hotel where cast members were known to be hanging out. Belushi was inspired by the splinter group The Crayhawks, featuring Robert Cray on guitar, Eugene musician Curtis Salgado on harmonica and DK Stewart on piano, to form “The Blues Brothers.” Credit was given to them on national television for having inspired “The Blues Brothers” when Paul Shaeffer introduced Belushi’s new act to the world on Saturday Night Live. Salgado, Cray and Stewart all went on to celebrity careers of their own performing the blues. “The Blues Brothers” debut album, Briefcase Full of Blues is dedicated to Salgado. “Animal House of Blues” tells this story eloquently along with other behind the scenes revelations regarding the making of “Animal House.”

Cottage Grove will try to regain their world title for hosting the world’s largest toga party when they host the 40th Reunion of “Animal House,” August 18, 2018.